A journey that will change your life

The eighth GoAsia! leads over 2100 kilometres from Delhi to Pokhara at the foot of the eight-thousanders. A distance that we will cover within three weeks exclusively by buses, trains and taxis. A maximum of eight kilos of luggage, the renunciation of western comforts and rudimentary planning make the journey an unforgettable adventure. Please note that due to the current situation, only advance bookings are possible at the moment.

Up close and personal

The route through little-travelled areas provides deep insights into the lives of the people.

Public transport only

Transport is by public transport only, including buses, trains and taxis.

Light luggage

Regardless of the duration of the trip, participants are allowed to take a backpack weighing a maximum of eight kilograms.

Travel partner

Bernhard Moestl designs, accompanies and »supervises« the trip, but is part of the group and not a tour operator.

Kloster Gergeti

Kloster Gergeti

What makes GoAsia! special

This kind of travelling confronts you with yourself.
You face your fears, your shortcomings, your prejudices, your abilities and your incredible pride when you reach your destination at the end of the tour.

Bernhard Moestl

Berg Nemrut

Berg Nemrut

Landschaft in Kappadokien

Landschaft in Kappadokien

Where we go

From our meeting point in Istanbul, we travel via the Turkish capital Ankara to the famous lunar landscape of Cappadocia. Via the mystical Mount Nemrut, we continue to Trabzon, and after crossing the border into Georgia, we soon reach the port city of Batumi. Via the Gergeti Monastery, set in a rugged landscape, we reach the Georgian capital of Tbilisi and the picturesque Sevanavank Lake with its famous monastery ruins. From here it is only a short drive to the Armenian capital, Yerevan, from where we will fly back.

Route GoAsia! 24

Is GoAsia! the right thing for me?

With GoAsia! each participant travels at his or her own responsibility and expense. Bernhard Moestl accompanies the trip, but is neither a tour operator nor a tour guide. The group takes care of the organisation of accommodation and transport together on site.

Suitable for this trip is therefore anyone who:

  • is prepared to travel through a truly different world
  • can do without comfort for three weeks
  • can manage with a maximum of eight kilos of luggage
  • does not get upset if a trip takes longer than planned
  • understands when the programme needs to be changed
  • is prepared to help with the organisation on site

As long walks are Bernhard Moestl's passion, participants should definitely also enjoy walking.

How much does the trip cost?

As both hotels and means of transport are booked directly on site, each participant is responsible for his or her own costs.

The contribution towards expenses for the accompaniment by Bernhard Moestl is EUR 800 per person.
Please note that due to the current situation only advance bookings are possible.

Bernhard Moestl accompanies this tour, but is not the responsible tour guide. The contribution towards expenses only covers his time and expenses.

I would definitely like to be part of that!

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Your travel companion

Bernhard Moestl

SPIEGEL bestselling author Bernhard Moestl has spent over 15 years in Asia since 1991. To this day, the photographer, journalist and tour guide returns to the continent that has become the love of his life at every opportunity.

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