Special Leadership Skills

15.02.2024 Online

The Leadership Strategies of the World's Strongest Army

Learn from Major Ron E. Lair, Commander of the US Army, how to lead with confidence and composure even in extremely challenging situations. The seminar will be conducted in English.


Understand Your Mission

Understand and value the resources available, and never leave anyone behind


Build a Strong Team

Create a powerful, highly motivated team and work together with them to achieve your goals.


Lead by Example

Recognize your unique role in leadership and do your best to fulfill it effectively.

What are the topics?

Leading in Extreme Situations

How to lead your team through situations where everyone's survival depends on each other

The 7 Principles of Leadership

Why a strong boss isn't necessarily a good leader and which seven principles can help you become one

Facing Reality

Why we must face the truth, especially where it's least pleasant

Decision-Making in Extreme Situations

How to make good decisions quickly and communicate them effectively, even in highly challenging situations

Assessing Situations Correctly

How to assess every situation without emotions clouding your judgment and overcome your fear of the unknown

Effective Motivation

How teams deal with failure and setbacks and why, as a leader, you can draw strength from these experiences

„Special Leadership Skills“
is right for you if you...


... you're comfortable with the topic of the military.


... you want to learn from a highly experienced professional who has proven their leadership skills over many years.


... you're interested in quickly and accurately assessing complex situations.


... your English skills are good enough to follow longer conversations.

Dein Trainer

Bernhard Moestl

As a tour guide for Europe and the Asian continent, Bernhard accompanied people through unfamiliar and challenging situations for many years, gaining an understanding of their needs. He has been fascinated by the phenomena of power and leadership since his youth and has documented his insights in his bestseller »The 13 Seals of Power«.


Ron Lair

Ron Lair

Major Ronald E. Lair, MA, BSc combines profound academic leadership knowledge with years of practical experience in often very challenging situations. A graduate of the U.S. Army War College, he studied criminology and sociology, was a lecturer at several U.S. universities, and learned to make leadership decisions under extreme pressure as a commander in the U.S. Army during operations »Desert Storm«, »Iraqi Freedom« and »Enduring Freedom« on several frontline missions.
In this seminar, Ron joins Bernhard for the first time to provide insight into his extensive knowledge that makes him an outstanding trainer and mentor for anyone who wants to lead confidently and calmly in exceptional situations.


Important to know

Bernhard Moestl

The seminar will take place on 15.02.2024 from 19:00-21:00 at Online.


You will receive two hours of immediately applicable information and plenty of food for thought.


Additionally, you will receive seminar materials in PDF format and a participation certificate.Das Seminar ist auf Englisch. Du erhältst eine Aufzeichnung mit Untertiteln und ein PDF mit einer Übersetzung.


€ 295,-



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