Eastern Wisdom for Western Success

The Path to Effortless Victory.
Bernhard Moestl gained deep insights into the life principles of the legendary Shaolin martial monks, becoming one of the few Europeans to do so and making these principles accessible to the public for the first time.

Reich wie Buddha
Neu 2024

Reich wie Buddha.
Was ein gutes Leben wirklich braucht

»Du bist reich wie Buddha, wenn du Reichtum nicht mit Besitz verwechselst.« In seinem neuen Buch »Reich wie Buddha« gibt Bestseller-Autor Bernhard Moestl in 26 sehr persönlichen Geschichten eine leicht verständliche Einführung in die Ideen von Buddhismus und Zen und zeigt unterhaltsam, was ein gutes Leben wirklich braucht.


International Bestselling Author:
15 books in 14 languages.

Bernhard Moestl is one of the most successful non-fiction authors in the German-speaking world. His books have been translated into 14 languages and have remained on international bestseller lists for over 500 weeks.


Live Self-Determined
Controlling your emotions gives you control over your entire life.


Effortlessly Implement Changes
Change is just the decision to do things differently from now on.


Enhance Your Assertiveness
As they say in Shaolin, a master ends a fight before it even begins.


Let's change the world together!

»The Secret Knowledge of the Ninja« is like a guide to helping yourself. If you learn how to stay hidden, avoid unnecessary stress, focus on what you're good at, and don't waste your energy on pointless fights, you can make a positive impact and help make the world better.

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Life and Freedom

Vom Glück, du selbst zu sein

When will you follow your
longing if you don't start now?

Lächeln ist die beste Antwort

Insights from 30 years of being on the road

Der Drachentempel

A Journey to the Monks of Shaolin

As an author, one leads an exciting life!

Relevant to the current development

Why do we often unquestioningly do what other people command us to do? In his book »The 13 Seals of Power«, Bernhard Moestl illustrates, through many impressive examples, what power truly is. From its origins to the question of why so many people lose their power, he examines all aspects of one of the most fascinating subjects in human history.

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Control the Power of Your Mind
Every bit of power comes from inside us. This power can push us ahead, but it can also be what causes our downfall.

Books for Parents
Good parenting doesn't mean blindly repeating the mistakes of one's parents but rather showing the child a reflective path into their own life.

From German to Czech: The Foreign Language­editions

Bernhard Moestl's books are available in Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, English, Estonian, German, Hindi, Italian, Lithuanian, Malayalam, Marathi, Romanian, Russian and Slovak.

Signing, signing, signing!
From Europe to India

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