International bestselling writer

With fourteen books translated into 13 languages and over 500 weeks on the international bestseller lists, Bernhard Moestl is one of the most successful non-fiction authors in the German-speaking world.

The mind is everything.
You are what you think.


On the Luck of Being Yourself

Are you dissatisfied with yourself and don't know who you really are behind the mask? You can find your true self. In this book, Bernhard Moestl shows you the way to the person you really are. But how do you do that - find yourself? Self-discovery does not require headaches or great seriousness. Bernhard Moestl shows us different ways to get closer to our true selves: But how do you master life: like a dancer, with lightness and ease? Or like a wandering monk, unencumbered by material things?

The Dream of the Non-conformist Life

Deep in our hearts we dream of a different life, a non-conformist life. We want to break free from old patterns and enjoy every moment. We can live this dream, but how do we find the courage to start? How do we free ourselves from our surroundings? How do we define our goals? Find out how you can achieve your own goals with the help of Asian philosophy.

Smiling is The Best Answer

"Life, as they say in China, can be mastered with a smile or not at all. At the end of the day, it is those who manage to remain calm in difficult situations who succeed, and those who have learned that not every action requires a reaction from someone else. Entertaining stories based on true events provide a deep insight into the Asian philosophy of life and show how this fascinating way of thinking can also make everyday life easier in the West.

The Dragon Temple

A mythical monastery in the sacred mountains of China - the main temple is filled with Buddhist monks practising martial arts. There seems to be no place for a newcomer from Europe and his search for meaning. Why is the temple and the uniform movements of the martial exercises so fascinating - and can these monks really reveal something about the meaning of life? But how can you understand anything when everyday life consists of hard exercises, hardly anyone speaks your language - and then even the master disappears? A wise Shaolin novel that provides answers to life's big questions.

Winning Like a Shaolin

A master, they say in Shaolin, ends a fight before it begins. But how can you defend yourself against an attack? Doesn't it take great strength to prevail against a supposedly superior opponent? With the help of this book, you can truly understand yourself and your opponent, and develop the inner strength to make yourself uninteresting as an opponent.

Acting Like a Shaolin

How many times do we feel helpless and stuck? But often the very thought of trying new ways is so frightening that we don't even begin to act. The Shaolin monks teach us not only to dream of goals, but to achieve them. Learn how to dissolve everyday blockages, enable change and live a fearless and empowered life with the help of eight concrete action models.

Thinking Like a Shaolin

Only those who are able to deal with strong emotions gain control over their lives. This is a practical guide for anyone who wants to get a better grip on their life, banish feelings of fear and frustration from everyday life, and recognise and respond to emotional manipulation.

Shaolin - How to Win Without Fighting

The Shaolin monks of the legendary Shaolin Monastery in China are famous for their unparalleled skill in kung fu. But Shaolin Kung Fu isn't just a martial art, it's a way of life that can be applied in any professional or personal context. The results are amazing. The real secret of the Shaolin monks' success is not their physical strength: it's their way of thinking that makes them invincible. Bernhard Moestl, who studied with the Shaolin monks and is now a Shaolin instructor, reveals for the first time the Shaolin principle of 'mind power' that has been the source of the monks' unbeatable energy for hundreds of years.

The Way of the Tiger

How well do you know yourself? Do you even know your strengths and talents? Answering questions about one's own personality is not easy for many people. But if you know yourself and your potential, you can assess your own energy correctly, defend your point of view powerfully and assert yourself. The Shaolin monks knew this connection and still teach us today to follow the way of the tiger. Learn to discover your inner strength, take control of your life and develop a healthy self-esteem.

The Shaolin Principle

How often do we find it difficult to make a decision? We spend days weighing up the pros and cons, only to be paralysed in the end. But if you don't decide, you will be decided for. But it is possible to learn how to make sustainable decisions and to draw on inner resources. You too can learn to make better decisions in your everyday life using the centuries-old thinking techniques of the Shaolin monks and samurai!

The 13 Seals of Power

Power is probably one of the most misunderstood phenomena our society has ever produced. Although it is omnipresent, hardly anyone wants to have anything to do with it, at least outwardly. But how does power come about? Why do some people retain it for so long, while others lose it so quickly? And what does leadership look like that is perceived as good by all? Answers to these and many other questions can be found in this book.

The Shaolin Book for Parents

Parents who honestly question themselves, reflect on their own experiences and determine their own position can guide their children well through life. They can instil courage and self-confidence and send their children out into the world with confidence. The centuries-old wisdom of the Shaolin monks on how to deal calmly with people also shows European parents a way out of the uncertainty of parenting. A completely new, yet powerful look at the relationship between parents and children.

The Art of Riding a Dragon

All that you are and all that you will become lies only within yourself. Every human being lives in a reality created by his or her own thoughts. But the power of thought gives each of us the ability to change that reality - for better or for worse. With the help of twelve strategies, you can learn how to harness your thoughts, discover which external influences are paralysing or inspiring you, and harness the power of your thoughts for success.