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Learn from bestselling author Bernhard Moestl how no one can stop you anymore from achieving your goals.

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The Current Bestseller

In his new book »The Secret Knowledge of the Ninja«, Bernhard gives a contemporary guide to self-help. Those who learn to remain undetected, to avoid pressure, to concentrate on their strengths and not to get bogged down in pointless battles make an impact and can change the world for the better.

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Bernhard lives what he tells.

Bernhard Moestl in India and Romania

Working all over the world since 1989.

Even at a young age, Bernhard Moestl realised his then still ridiculed dream of being able to live and work anywhere in the world.

A passionate globetrotter

Driven by the urge to discover the world, Bernhard has travelled to more than 120 countries over the years, many of which he has explored intensively. He speaks five languages.

Lives abroad for over 25 years

After important years in Asia, Bernhard moved to Brasov, Romania, in 2010 where he now helps his clients from different parts of Europe and Asia.

International bestselling author

Ever since his first international bestseller »Shaolin«, Bernhard Moestl has been one of the few authors who can also make a living from writing.

Professionally diverse

Besides being a professional photographer, Bernhard is also a trained medical masseur and has worked as a tour guide, programmer, translator, trainer and journalist.

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International bestselling author

»Shaolin« became an international bestseller

With 15 published books and a global total print run of 1.5 million copies, Bernhard Moestl is one of the most successful non-fiction authors in the German-speaking region. His debut book, »Shaolin - You Don't Have to Fight to Win,« was translated into twelve languages and remains an international bestseller to this day. In this book, he introduced the thinking principles of the legendary martial monks from Shaolin to a wide audience for the first time.

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»A European with an Asian mind«

Bernhard began traveling through Asia at a time when countries like Laos or Vietnam were still off-limits to foreigners. Over the course of more than 15 years spent on this captivating continent, he gathered valuable experiences, overcame significant challenges, and eventually learned to think and act like an Asian. As time went on, he internalized the Eastern way of thinking to such an extent that a Chinese master referred to him as a »European with an Asian spirit«.

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With Master Shi De Cheng in Shaolin
With Master Shi De Cheng in Shaolin

Success stems from your thoughts

The six fundamental insights

Reality is constructed within your mind. You can alter it there.

Always be aware of the genuine motivation behind your choices.


Asking »how« propels you forward. Asking »if« hinders progress.


Surrendering is both an offense and a defense.

All power originates from within, even the power that can bring about your downfall.

You are not invulnerable either. Embrace failure as a lesson.

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Mind Power Control II

Take Out the Stress

Unlock inner balance and take control of your life through the power of your mind!



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Mind Power Control III

How to win without a fight

Use the thinking techniques of the Shaolin monks to navigate challenging situations effortlessly!



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Mind Power Control IV

Defend Against Manipulation!

Understand the techniques of unwanted influence and skillfully deflect manipulative attacks.



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Markenbewusstsein III

Storytelling für Einsteiger

Geschichten, die verkaufen: Mittels Storytelling Kunden wie Mitarbeiter gezielt begeistern, beeindrucken und berühren.



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Change Leadership I

Shape the Future Yourself

»Change Leadership« means deliberately bringing about changes rather than merely managing their effects.




Adventure travel

GoAsia! 25

You want to explore authentic Asia? Immerse yourself in the life and culture of this fascinating continent for three weeks? Then »GoAsia!« is just the thing for you! Join Bernhard for three weeks exclusively by public transport on one of his adventurous journeys and get to know the country and its people really up close. The unique, unforgettable experiences you will have along the way will change you and your life forever.

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A journey that will change your life!
A journey that will change your life!

Keynotes and lectures

Clear the stage for the fascinating
world of thoughts of Asia!

4,000 visitors at the Teacher's Day in Tulln
4,000 visitors at the Teacher's Day in Tulln
Lecture at Raiffeisen
Lecture at Raiffeisen

As in his bestsellers, Bernhard also takes his audience into the world of non-combat victory in exciting lectures. Using many practical examples, he makes the millennia-old strategies of Shaolin, Ninja and Samurai effectively usable for everyday Western life and leadership. Bernhard has over 25 years of experience as a professional stage speaker and gives his lectures in German, English and Romanian. Schools and social institutions are welcome to receive special conditions. 

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From RTL to Times of India

Well known from international media

International Press

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„Discover Istanbul Creatively“

You want more from a city trip than just rushing from one sight to the next? You want to immerse yourself with all your senses in your travel destination and truly dive into a new culture for once? Then »Istanbul Creative Discovery« is the right choice for you.

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32 Zen stories from Bernhard's newsletters, lovingly illustrated by Irene Nemeth, for free download!

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