Discover Istanbul Creatively


Hagia Sophia

A Meditative Stroll Through the City on the Bosphorus

You want more from a city trip than just rushing from one sight to the next? You want to immerse yourself with all your senses in your travel destination and truly dive into a new culture for once? Then »Istanbul Creative Discovery« is the right choice for you.


Travel with all your senses

and discover the city on the Bosphorus in an entirely new way.


Unleash your creativity

and capture your impressions in drawings, texts, and photos.


Get support

from two creative professionals who are always by your side.


Unplug and Dive In

»Discover Istanbul Creatively« takes you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and provides you with space for focus, concentration, and contemplation. Enjoy four days of the luxury to let yourself drift, observe, and capture your ideas in any way you like! Accompanied by author and professional photographer Bernhard Moestl and professional illustrator Irene Nemeth, you'll see the city through different eyes. Exciting tasks that involve drawing, describing, or photographing your impressions will immerse you completely in your travel destination, allowing you to discover even well-known landmarks from an entirely new perspective. Experience Istanbul like no ordinary tourist ever could!

What color is the call of the muezzin? Can a photo describe the scents of the bazaar? How do you put shapes into words?

Am Gewürzbasar

„Discover Istanbul Creatively“
is ideal for you if...


...desire more than a typical city trip but a creative exchange.


...enjoy drawing, writing, or taking photographs.


...want to leave the stress and hustle of everyday life behind for four days.


...want to immerse yourself in a city with all your senses.


...have no problem with taking long walks.

Your trainers

Bernhard Moestl

Bernhard Moestl

Bernhard Moestl, a professional photographer, traveled the world and trained photographers for many years. Today, the international best-selling author resides in Brasov, Romania, and whenever possible, embarks on new adventures like GoAsia!


Irene Nemeth

As a trained graphic designer, Irene Nemeth views travel primarily as an inexhaustible source of inspiration and creativity. Her style was inspired by extended stays in Asia, where she learned the concept of reduction and simplicity. Irene's primary goal with her work is to create moments of happiness for the viewer. Visit


Important to know

The journey takes place from 26.-29.09.2024. We will meet at in Istanbul on 26.09.2024 at 2 PM, and you will organize your own travel to the location.

Your contribution for the guidance provided by Bernhard and his team is EUR 390,-.

You are responsible for booking your accommodation independently. We are happy to assist you with recommendations for affordable and centrally located hotels.

Bernhard Moestl is not an organizer. The contribution covers his time and expenses.

I want to participate » »

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